Download music, films, files and games.
Download fast.

Bittorrent: download the P2P reference for free.

Bittorrent is a revolution in the way we download content from the Internet. Get heavy files like films, discs or games. Bittorrent lets you manage several downloads at the same time by distributing your bandwidth in an intelligent manner. With Bittorrent, downloads are supported by thousands of users around the planet, a guarantee of discretion and safety.

  • Fast downloads
  • Intelligent bandwidth use.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Multiple, simultaneous downloads.
  • Advanced files management.
  • Pleasant interface.
  • Completely free.

Downloading and sharing (seeding)

Once the download is launched, you can leave your Bittorrent client open to share with the community. That is called seeding: although the file is already being shared while downloading, it’s even better if you let it go on once it’s completed. Be part of the community!

An intelligent way of sharing

Including the innovative μTP technology, Bittorrent maximizes the available bandwidth and reduces overload so your downloads are fast and your internet connection remains unaffected. You can now watch videos online and browse the web while downloading files with Bittorrent.